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How to tell your dog "I Love You" in their own language!

Kipper, a german shepherd dog, focused on her owner, Kay

Don't we always wonder if our dogs really know we love them? Well I fell down a bit of a rabbit hole the other night on how to show your dogs "i love you", and found some interesting things I wouldn't have thought of! Dogs are certainly good at showing their love for us, so here are some tips on how you can reciprocate that love they give us;


Scratch Behind Their Ears!

Dogs obviously love getting pet almost anywhere; their bellies, backs, heads, you name it! But do you know why your dog sometimes give those low groans and grins that spread ear to ear when you pet and scratch behind their ears? It's because they are getting a significantly larger dopamine dump from those scratches then any other area! Scratching behind your pups ears can signal to them not only that you love them, but that they are safe.


Surprise Fido With His Favorite Foods!

Dogs love when you hype them up when they're about to get their favorite foods, but what is even better than that? A surprise! Not only does surprising them with their favorite foods boost their oxytocin levels more than getting them hyped before hand, but it also

can help keep your pup calm, which helps everyone in the long run.


Raise Your Eyebrows!

Dogs signal to each other that they are relaxed and happy with a slight brow raise, so when greeting your dog, raise your eyebrows in excitement and see just how happy they get!


Put Down your Phone!

Just like humans make bids for attention, so do dogs, its just harder to notice. Completely ignoring a bid for attention can leave your pooch feeling a little let down. So if you notice while your on your phone your dog is staring, or even booping you, put down the phone, even if its just for a moment! Acknowledging the bid can make your pup significantly happier; and they don't even understand why your staring at a small rectangle in your hands anyways!

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