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How to Take the Most PAW-fect Pics at Home!

Are you wondering how to take pawsome pics of your pooch at home? I took this photo with my puppy at home on my iPhone camera, and you can too! All you need is your pet and your phone. (maybe some treats too!)


Can't pay attention?

Well Kay, what if Fido just wont look at me? Don't worry! I work with pups who have some difficulty staying focused on me. OH LOOK SQUIRREL! Anyways, if a dog wont look in my direction I try a few different tricks. I start with a treat first, and if that doesn't work I use a squeaker I pulled out of a dog toy, since its small enough to fit in the palm of my hand I can hide it, which usually makes dogs want to see where that noise is coming from. If this doesn't work I've noticed making loud noises or moving around in a weird way almost certainly gets them interested!


Get on their level!

Often times we take photos from the human perspective, but I find my favorite photos happen when I get as low or lower than the pet! It makes them the focus of the picture and feels more proportionate.


Work with the lighting, not against it!

You may have heard to not point your camera towards the sun, but I personally dont like to do a 180 away from the sun either, let the shadows cast across your pets face at about a 15 degree angle for the most perfect lighting! I also prefer slightly cloudy days as the photos are easier to edit after the shoot.


Portrait Mode

My personal favorite way to shoot photos on a iPhone is using portrait mode. This gives that slightly blurry background look that makes your photo look just a little more professional!

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