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Sonsa Final B&W.jpf


At Indy Paw Prints, I know that every pet is unique and deserves to be celebrated. I am an experienced photographer who creates high-quality portraits that capture the essence of each pet. Take a look at my recent projects to gain insight into my photography style and editing techniques, illustrating how I can assist you in immortalizing the bond with your beloved furry companion.

Kipper Hand 8x10 Final.jpg
Boomer Grass.jpg
Buttercup looking over shoulder.jpg
Sonsa Sitting w Fence looking to side_edited_edited.png
Forest Brodie Final.jpg
Lilac Sideshot.jpg
Lucy Tree.jpg
Tiger and Grey Pillow.jpg
Panda Bench Side.jpg
Dark Grey Pillow.jpg
Boomer Running B&W.jpg
Brodie Brick Wall.jpg
Josito laying in Sunroom.jpg
Panda and Lehla Trees B&W.jpg
Penny Lake.jpg
Mae headshot edited.jpg
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