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Q & A

This is a page of common questions I am asked, with their answers!

Feel free to email me with more questions.

How to Come Prepared to a Photoshoot

Does my dog have to be well trained?

As a professional pet photographer, I'm often asked if pets need to be trained or well-behaved for a photo session. The answer is no! Animals have their own unique personalities, and my job is to capture their natural beauty and spirit in an organic way while photographing them in their element. When you book a session with me, you can be confident that your pet's personality will be well-captured, and their individuality will shine through in every image. Contact me to learn more about pet photography or to schedule a photo session for your furry family member.

Do I need to bring anything to the shoot?

At Indy Paw Prints, I specialize in pet photography that captures one-of-a-kind moments that you will treasure forever. Each session is a fun, personalized experience that is tailored to your pet’s individual personality. I use my expertise and state-of-the-art equipment to bring out the beauty in every pet. Don't forget to bring a leash, collar, and any personal outfits your dog may want to wear! Or if you prefer, I will provide you with beautiful and stylish leashes and collars. 

What do I wear? Does Fido need a collar?

What should I wear? When you schedule a session with me, my primary objective is to bring smiles to my clients' faces. Therefore, you have the option to select whether you'd like pictures of just your dog, images of you and your dog together, or both! As for your attire, I encourage you to wear whatever makes you feel most confident and comfortable. My aim is to capture the vibrant energy between you and your pets in my photographs! Your pets safety is priority, so many clients choose to keep a leash and collar on, and have it edited out behind the scenes. I will also provide you with adorable leashes if you choose.

All About Photos

Can I receive raw photos?

I do not give out my raw photos, however I will work with you  to achieve photos you and your furry friend will love and cherish forever! You can also check out my Portfolio page to see if you like my style of editing. 

How do I get my photos?

You will receive your photos through which is the professional digital sending site I work through, after payment you can then download your photos how you choose, and use them as you please. If you specially request them, or have booked an end-of-life package you will receive prints of your photos as well.  

What printing source is used if I go through you?

When I print photos for you I use Walgreens as my printing source. I send the photos to be printed how you requested to the nearest Walgreens to you, so that when they're ready to be picked up its convenient for you and you can pick them up based on your schedule not mine!

What is Scheduling Like?

Could my scheduled shoot get moved back?

Something that I'm always sure to tell my clients is that end-of-life photography always gets priority! I am excited to shoot photos for all our lovely pets, but if my schedule is full and another client schedules an end-of-life shoot for the day, then it is possible my standard package shoots could get moved back up to 24 hours or we could reschedule based on your schedule. I do my best to leave time daily to avoid these possibilities, but it doesn't always work out that way. I hope all of my clients can understand in theses situations, as I work to make sure I can schedule a shoot before a beloved pet passes away. 

Where are photos taken?

Photos can be taken almost anywhere that is pet friendly! I usually suggest a park or forest area for dogs, but dogs or cats could be photographed both at your home, and in a public space. I will have suggestions for lovely areas near you that we can take photos, or you can suggest your own ideas. Maybe your pet has a favorite place to visit? Please be sure to tell me if you have a pet that is reactive to people or dogs, and I will work on finding the perfect secluded area! If your dog is highly reactive consider scheduling a consultation so we can talk more about how to work with your furry friend. 

Can you take pictures of other animals?

At Indy Paw Prints, I specialize in capturing the unique personalities of dogs and cats through photography. As an animal lover myself, I understand the importance of capturing those special moments that you want to treasure for a lifetime. But my services aren’t limited to just cats and dogs! I also have experience taking photos of horses, reptiles, birds, and other pets. I can work with you to create the perfect photo session for your furry, scaly or feathered friend.

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